Helpful Links

There are a wide array of other helpful websites available that provide a wonderful dental information. We offer the following collection of links and resources to help you along your way to optimal oral health. We have categorized these links into related groups to make finding relevant topics of interest easy for you.

General Dental Websites

The following links provide some good general information on dentistry.

American Dental Association
Offers a wide range of dental information, including oral care articles, dental insurance information, and information for students interested in the professions of dentistry. provides and extensive offering of articles on women’s dental health, oral care information for children, a section on halitosis, and new product information.

Oral Health Care & Products

Links to sites providing helpful information on oral health and home care products patients can use to maintain optimum oral health.

A valuable resource for oral health information and products.

A source for a wide range of dental products.

This website includes information and advice for better oral care habits for children, adults, and dental health teachers.

Learn the features and benefits of using a Sonicare toothbrush.

Other Websites of Interest

Healthy Smiles
A program dedicated to combat America’s Oral Health Epidemic.

National Museum of Dentistry
The National Museum of Dentistry is a Smithsonian Institution Affiliate. It is is great resource to learn the importance of a good oral health as well as the history of dentistry.