Fixed Bridges

Peoria Dentists for Dental Bridges

Fixed dental bridges are non-removable devices that serve as a great method to replace any missing teeth. Because we offer a number of dental bridge options, each patient and his or her dentist will determine which option is best for their unique situation.

Traditional dental bridges are the most common type of fixed dental bridges. Fixed dental bridges are typically made of porcelain and are composed of two crowns that are placed over two anchor teeth (also referred to as “abutment teeth”) and are connected to artificial teeth called pontics.

Reasons to consider a fixed dental bridge:

  • Restore chewing
  • Improve smile
  • Fill the gap of missing teeth
  • Keep original teeth from shifting
  • Restore the ability to speak
  • Upgrade from a removable to a permanent dental device

What does the process of getting a fixed dental bridge entail?

The process of receiving fixed dental bridges typically requires up to two or more appointments at our Peoria dental office. During the first visit, we will prepare two anchor teeth by extracting a small portion of enamel to allow for the placement of a dental cap. Impressions are then made which are later sent to a dental lab so the dental bridge can be created. While the bridge is being fabricated, a temporary bridge is fashioned and applied for a two week period.

The permanent bridge will be adjusted and applied during the second appointment. Patients are given oral care instructions to help extend the life of the new fixed dental bridge.