Preventative Dentistry

Teeth Cleanings & Preventive Dentistry Services

Can you recall the old addage “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”? That quote is especially true in the field of dentistry. Most issues in oral health can be prevented through proper diet, brushing and flossing, and regular visitis to your Peorai dentist.

At your regular preventive teeth cleaning visits, the hygienist will remove deposits of calculus (also commonly referred to as tartar) from the surfaces of your teeth as well as polish the enamel surfaces removing stain and roughness. This prevents patient from developing periodontitis which is an inflammatory disease that attacks the bone and supporting structures of the teeth.

Other forms of preventive dentistry include dental sealants, fluoride treatment, and fluoride varnish. We also educate patients on proper diet as that is truly the first line of defense against bacteria in the mouth. The more sugar that is in your diet the more bacteria you will harbor in your mouth. Not only will the bacteria be higher in numbers but their ability to cause dental disease increases with the amount of sugar you ingest.

Fluoride treatment has helped us tremendously in decreasing the amount of decay but fluoride treatment alone it is not enough. To maintain a healthy oral environment every patient must take the proper steps to minimize the amount of bacteria attacking the oral structures of the mouth.