Root Canal Therapy

Peoria Root Canal Therapy

In cases when a tooth’s nerve is affected by decay or infection, root canal therapy is the solution. The process helps save and restore the tooth to its original funtion. Although many patients are under the impression that removing a problematic tooth is the best solution, the truth of the matter is that pulling a tooth can lead to further issues amongst adjacent teeth.

Our professionals are experienced in root canal therapy and highly advocate this form of treatment. Root canal therapy is a reliable and safe procedure that provides lasting results.

Symptoms that may point to root canal therapy:

  • Persistent welling and tenderness in the mouth
  • Extreme sensitivity to hot and cold foods and beverages
  • The presence of an abscess (or pimple) on the gums.
  • Chronic and severe tooth pain.

What does the process of root canal therapy entail?

The process of a root canal procedure may require a patient to make one or more visits to our office. The procedure, which can typically be performed by one of our Peoria dentists, is made comfortable and efficient for root canal patients. During the first visit, a sheet of rubber (or a rubber dam) is positioned around the tooth to ensure that it is kept dry of saliva. An opening is then made on the upper surface of the affected tooth to remove bacteria, tooth decay, and damaged nerve tissue.

After these materials have been extracted, a special dental solution is put into to the cavity and roots. Next, a filling will be positioned over the tooth and a dental cap (crown) is placed to protect the tooth and to restore original functioning. After the root canal treatment is completed, the treated tooth may be sensitive for a brief period of time. This sensation will subside as inflammation reduces and the tooth begins to heal.