Dental Implants

Peoria Dentists for Dental Implants

Dental implants are an efficient and highly effective way to replace missing teeth.  Dental implants also offer a fixed alternative to removable and partial dentures.  In additional, dental implants deliver optimal support, better functionality, and offer a more natural looking smile.  Presently are the best long term solution modern dentistry can provide.

Part of what makes dental implants so reliable and strong is because they are composed of a titanium material and are surgically applied to the upper or lower jaw bone.  Dental implants are extremely durable and can last for a long, long time.  As a result, patient outcomes are overwhelmingly favorable after the dental implant surgery.

Reasons to consider dental implants:

  • Aid chronic joint pain
  • Improve chewing and speech
  • Securing bridges or dentures
  • Enhance overall smile
  • Fix bite misalignments caused by shifts in teeth
  • Restore facial areas
  • Restore missing teeth

What does the procedure of getting dental implants entail?

Dental implants require patients to make reoccurring dental visits over the course of several months. In order to determine the amount of bone, gum tissue, and spacing that is available for an implant, during the first visit X-rays and impressions are taken of the jaw and teeth. The next step is the application of the dental implant through surgery.  After the operation, the implant integrates itself with the bone over the course of a four to six month healing period.  This is called osseointegration.

Artificial teeth are fashioned and fitted to the implant. Because a number of fittings may be required during this stage, the overall timeline can last two weeks to two months. After this period, the artificial teeth are securely applied to the implant. The result is enhanced comfort and improved stability for the patient.

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